How to Recycle Leaded Pewter

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Lead, a heavy metal, is considered a hazardous material that shouldn't be tossed into a landfill. Items that contain lead, such as pewter, should be recycled so that the lead is properly disposed of. However, it can be a little troublesome to find the appropriate place to dispose of your leaded pewter.

Call your local government waste centre. Make sure you contact the centre in your city or county and ask whether the government recycles leaded pewter. If so, find out the location where you can drop off your pewter to have it recycled.

Call local scrap yards and metal recycling facilities to see whether they accept leaded pewter. These scrap yards will often deal in metals such as lead and may offer payment based on the amount of leaded pewter you bring in to be recycled.

Collect your leaded pewter scrap and make sure that it's clean and in a container that's easy to transport. Take your leaded pewter to the scrap yard or recycling facility.