How to recycle granite countertops

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Whether you are replacing old countertops with new ones or just need to get rid of the ones you have, recycling granite countertops is an eco-friendly way to rid your house of unwanted material. Once you have recycled the countertops, they can be used as they are for another house's countertops or they can be broken down and combined with other scrap to produce a new countertop, tiles or other material made from granite.

Locate a local recycling agency, and contact it to inquire whether it accepts granite. If the agency does not accept this type of material, ask it to direct you to another facility that will accept your granite countertop.

Remove your granite countertop from the cabinets using a crowbar in between the countertop and the cabinets. Hit the end of the crowbar with a hammer to loosen the adhesive. When lifting the countertop, have an assistant help you with one end, and lift with your knees to prevent back injury.

Schedule a pickup or drop-off time. Some recycling centres come to your home and pick up materials that you wish to recycle while others provide you with a drop-off address for you to transport the materials yourself.

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