Does Buffalo Meat Have a Strong Odor?

Written by marit anderson | 13/05/2017
Does Buffalo Meat Have a Strong Odor?
Buffalo meat is a great substitute for beef. (chicken strips buffalo style image by robert lerich from

If you are looking for a healthy and tasty way to introduce new flavours and textures into old favourites, consider a buffalo steak. Lean, flavourful and tender, buffalo meat is an ideal substitute for any beef dish and a healthy way to create delicious meals.


Raw buffalo meat has a similar odour to squab. As cooking time and temperature are lowered, compared to beef, the smell is much less prevalent when using buffalo.

Tips for Preparation

Thanks to the tender nature of buffalo meat, it is recommended that tongs are used rather than forks when flipping the meat. With less fat to absorb tastes, marinades work very well with buffalo meat.


Buffalo meat is generally considered to have a light, sweet flavour. The low-fat content means that buffalo works well with binders for savoury meat loaves and buffalo burgers.

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