Health & Safety in Information Technology

Written by danny djeljosevic | 13/05/2017
Health & Safety in Information Technology
Working with computers all day can lead to preventable health problems. (Photos about children and information technology image by fotoliamemberN from

While the career of Information Technology may not seem as hazardous as more physically demanding jobs, there are health and safety issues just like any other job. However, with proper care, an IT worker can prevent potential injury in the workplace.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Poor lighting, computer screen glare and even poor posture can cause a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome. This causes a strain on the eyes, blurry vision and headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain. IT workers can prevent and treat this condition by preventing screen glare, giving the eyes a break from the screen and frequent blinking.

Wrist Health

Measures such as using an ergonomic keyboard can help decrease the risk of such arm-affecting conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendinitis, which result from the repetitive motion of the hands.

Heavy Objects

An IT job may involve lifting heavy equipment, which can result in injury if the IT professional doesn't take care to properly lift heavy objects. If an object cannot be moved using other means such as a dolly, lift with the legs, not the back.

Long-Term Issues

Maintaining a poor diet at a job that requires sitting at a desk for hours can lead to such problems as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. However, measures like eating healthy and regular exercise can help prevent some of these issues.

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