Can You Grow a Lavender Plant Indoors?

Written by ashley mackenzie | 13/05/2017
Can You Grow a Lavender Plant Indoors?
Lavender grows well indoors when given proper soil and water. (lavende image by harmonie57 from

Lavender is a fragrant plant that graces many backyards in the summertime. Gardeners of all skill levels can also grow lavender indoors, with a few simple soil and water tricks.

Planting Lavender

Lavender thrives when planted in a pot, according to certified Master Gardener Patsy Bell Hobson at "The Herb Companion" website. Lavender needs alkaline soil; Jody Byrne, who founded Daybreak Lavender Farm, suggests adding crushed oyster shell to the soil.


Lavender needs lots of sunlight for six to eight hours each day. Gardeners should place plants in sunny south-facing windows where they can soak up the heat rays.


Lavender is susceptible to root rota common cause of death, according to Hobson. To avoid this, gardeners should give lavender an occasional thorough soaking and let the soil drain and dry between waterings. Compost also helps, as Mountain Valley Growers website says that it "has uneven particle sizes" that help soil air out and give roots a strong anchor.

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