Cost of House Demolition & Removal

A home that needs multiple renovations, is falling down or violates multiple building codes, requires demolition. The cost of demolishing a house usually includes the cost of removing the building and the cost of any permits required by your city or state.

Average Price

According to Hometown Demolition Contractors, the cost of demolishing and removing a house is usually £3 to £9 per square foot in the house. Cost Helper explains that it may cost up to £9,750 to completely demolish and remove a larger home.


The cost of demolishing a home rises substantially if the building contains asbestos or lead paint. The contractor must charge more, to compensate for the extra permits of removing hazardous materials and later disposing of these materials.

Expert Insight

Talk to your contractor ahead of time and ask about salvaging parts of your home to offset the cost of demolition. Historic pieces, copper pipes and other items can be reused and removing these helps lower the overall cost of demolition.

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