How to Prevent a Saniflo from Making Noise & Leaking

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Installing an extra shower can add value to your home, but sometimes spaces do not provide the appropriate plumbing the make the job possible. Saniflo is a specialised water pump system that hooks up to your home's drainage system and does not require breaking the floor to install.

If your Saniflo unit is leaking or making noises there are a few steps you can take to resolve the problem.

Examine the unit to see if the water is draining. If the unit is making a loud noise and the water is not draining and the motor is still making noise it is likely that there is back-siphoning or counter pressure in the drain pipe which causes air pockets. To fix this problem you will need to modify the drain pipes to increase counter pressure -- by adding a curved pipe or smaller pipes.

Listen to see if the noise emitting from the pump sounds different than usual. If there is a strange noise being emitted from the pump it is likely caused by a solid body that is lodged in the pump. To resolve the problem you should contact a trained service technician.

Check to see if water is flowing back up to the toilet or shower, causing leaks. This is a sign of insufficient gravity flow. To resolve this issue you need to make sure the gravity flow is at least 12 and ΒΌ inches from other bathroom appliances. You can also clean the inlet valves to stop leaking.

Listen to the sounds of the motor. If the motor starts up several times before shutting down there is a problem with your backflow valve. Flush once or twice with clean water or take the valve out and clean it.