Montmorillonite Clay for Diarrhea in Dogs

Updated July 19, 2017

Diarrhoea is a fairly common occurrence for dogs. An acute bout of diarrhoea can usually be resolved through the use of a calcium montmorillonite clay supplement.


There are two types of montmorillonite clay. Sodium montmorillonite is an inedible form used in commercial products like plaster, kitty litter, cleaning products, and shoe polish. Calcium montmorillonite, often referred to as "living clay," is the edible form used in nutritional supplements and for alternative healing. You can purchase calcium montmorillonite clay at some health food stores and from online sources.


Montmorillonite clay works by binding to toxins, bacteria, and other irritants present in your dog's digestive tract. It also removes moisture and make the waste more solid.


Native American healers have used montmorillonite clay to treat humans and animals of all kinds for centuries. Montmorillonite clay is used externally to treat wounds and internally to alleviate stomach and digestive distress.


Montmorillonite clay comes in powder form. Give a small dog 1/2 tsp and a large dog 1 tsp two to three times a day. Sprinkle the montmorillonite clay on dog food or in his water, or mix it with water to form a paste to spread onto your dog's tongue. If you choose to make a paste to treat the dog's diarrhoea, immediately offer water to the dog after administering the montmorillonite clay. Diarrhoea usually improves within 24 hours.


Consult your veterinarian if your dog's diarrhoea is severe, lasts more than 48 hours, or is accompanied by vomiting or lethargy. Also, encourage your dog to drink plenty of water; dehydration is dangerous and can happen quickly in a dog with diarrhoea.

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