How to thaw a frozen pork roasting joint

Slawomir Fajer/iStock/Getty Images

Although meat is often sold frozen, the best methods for defrosting a roasting joint aren't always clear. A frozen pork joint can be used in a wide array of meal preparations, but you must defrost it safely and completely before using the meat. To defrost your pork thoroughly and safely, use the following procedure.

Begin thawing the joint in the fridge immediately. A large pork roasting joint can take more than 24 hours to defrost in the fridge. While you may not have enough time to allow the roast to thaw entirely in the fridge, the more you can bring up the temperature, the better.

Remove any foam or plastic packaging from the joint. Place it on a microwave safe plate. Wash your hands with soap and water after handling the meat.

Set your microwave heat setting to low. If you attempt to defrost a large piece of meat on a high setting, the outside will cook while the inside remains raw.

Defrost on low for five minutes at a time. Turn the plate a quarter turn and check how the meat is thawing after five minutes has passed. Continue to thaw and turn the meat in five minute increments until the meat feels springy to the touch.

Cook the meat immediately after defrosting. The microwave has probably started to cook small sections of the meat, so it is important to prepare and cook the roast as soon as it is thawed.