How to bake Rose Art modelling clay

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Rose Art is a popular arts and craft brand that produces a wide range of material, such as pencils, watercolour paint and modelling clay. Standard clay must be fired in a kiln once complete to hold the shape (this dries out the clay, hardening it). However, modelling clay does not need the extremely high temperatures of the kiln, so it is possible to bake the clay in your home kitchen.

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius (300 Fahrenheit). Remove all pots and pans from the oven. The clay gives off smoke that adheres to the pots and pans.

Place the modelling clay on a baking tray and set it in the oven. Place it on the bottom shelf of the oven to give more room overhead. To prevent the clay from sticking to the baking tray, place baking paper on top of the baking tray. Once you are finished, it is safe to use the baking tray for cooking again, just wash it off with warm water and dish soap.

Wait at least 20 minutes and check on the clay. Touch the Rose Art clay to see if it is still soft. Larger, thicker clay pieces take longer to bake, so if the clay is still soft place it back in the oven.

Check the clay every 10 minutes until the entire piece is hard. Once hard, remove it from the oven and allow it time to cool.

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