Home Treatment for a Torn Ligament

Updated November 22, 2016

Ligaments are fibrous tissue that hold the joints together. Ligaments can easily be torn, especially when playing sports. If you prefer to avoid the doctor, there are ways to care for a torn ligament at home.

Herbs and Pain Relievers

Herbal supplements like Devil's Claw and Glucosamine, known for promoting joint health, help torn ligaments heal more quickly. Ibuprofen will help both the pain and swelling in the ligament.


A torn ligament should be wrapped well to reduce swelling and to prevent further injury. If the tear is in the shoulder, a sling should be worn as well.


Ligament tears can take up to 12 weeks to heal. During that time, rest as much as possible and keep the area elevated as often as possible. While resting, ice the area to reduce pain and swelling and limit movement as much as possible.


After 6 to 10 weeks or when the tear begins to feel better, begin light exercise. Stop if you feel pain at any time.

Doctor's Care

Some torn ligaments do not heal well without professional help. If you are not seeing any improvement after several weeks, see a physical therapist. They will work with you and can refer you to a surgeon if necessary.

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