Cemetery funeral flowers etiquette

Written by crissi enger | 13/05/2017
Cemetery funeral flowers etiquette
Flowers are always appreciated and appropriate at cemetaries and funerals. (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Beverly)

Whether you are attending the funeral or not, funeral flowers are always appropriate and appreciated. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when sending funeral flowers.

Sympathy Flowers

You can send flowers to the funeral home or the home of the family. However, if you send them to the home they are now called sympathy flowers and should be small enough to sit on a table or mantel.


Flowers are appropriate for any religion. For Christian denominations, such as Catholic, any flower type is fine as long as it is respectable. However, within the Mormon religion, arrangements with crosses should be avoided. Also, the Buddhist religion finds red flowers offensive for a funeral.


Funeral flowers should be large enough to be seen anywhere within the room of the funeral home. Smaller arrangements should be sent to the family's home instead.


Funeral flowers come as wreathes, sprays, casket sprays, tributes and inside pieces. However, tributes are usually sent by organisations and family. Also, inside pieces and sprays on top of the casket are usually reserved for children to give.


When sending flowers to the funeral home, check with them to make sure they do not have any special requirements or instructions, such as times to send them when there will be someone there to accept them.

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