Lacoste Vs. Ralph Lauren

Written by eve frost | 13/05/2017

Preppy fashion makes us appear polished and pulled together. Brands such as Ralph Lauren and Lacoste specialise in these classic looks, but there are differences between the two.


Lacoste is most famous for the embroidered green alligator logo. Ralph Lauren's logo is an embroidered polo player sitting on a horse.


Lacoste and Ralph Lauren feature their embroidered logos on the left side of their shirts. Ralph Lauren's logo is a bit larger than Lacoste's.

T- Shirts

Ralph Lauren has used its logo as a screen-printed design on women's T-shirts. Lacoste has used its logo as a screen-printed design on the men's T-shirts.


Ralph Lauren and Lacoste feature polos as one of their popular products. Ralph Lauren's polos generally fit a little tighter than Lacoste's.

Fun Facts

Lacoste was a brand inspired by tennis. Ralph Lauren was inspired by men's wear. Lacoste was founded by a woman. Ralph Lauren was founded by a man.


Lacoste is more expensive than Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is easier to come by than Lacoste.

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