Ping G5 Irons Vs. Ping G10 Irons

Written by justin johnson | 13/05/2017
Ping G5 Irons Vs. Ping G10 Irons
The Ping G5 and the Ping G10 are both very forgiving golf clubs. (Golf Walk image by Kathy D from

The Ping G5 and Ping G10 irons are both very well suited for mid- to high-handicap players. Both club sets feature prominent cavity back design and both have a high amount of offset to compensate for golfers who tend to slice the golf ball.

Club Head Design

The club heads on the Ping G5 and Ping G10 irons are cavity-back designs. The G5 is a larger and deeper cavity back design than the G10, which allows the golfer to hit the ball higher.


The Ping G5 irons feature less offset on the longer irons than the Ping G10 irons, causing them to be slightly more prone to producing a slicing ball flight than the Ping G10 irons. The G5 irons have more offset in the shorter irons than the G10 irons.

Other Features

The Ping G5 and Ping G10 feature the same loft and swingweight. Loft refers to the angle of the clubface--more loft hits the ball higher and shorter while less loft hits the ball lower and farther. Swingweight refers to the feel of balance of the club head in relation to the rest of the club.

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