The Meanings of Gerbera Flowers

Updated February 21, 2017

The gerbera flower is a type of daisy easily recognised by its large blooming head and array of bright colours. Its vibrant beauty helps to make it the fifth most popular flower in the world, according to the Western Oregon University website. Like most flowers, gerbera daisies are an attractive addition to home bouquets and they also have a specific meaning attached to them.

General Meaning

Gerbera flowers are a part of the family Asteraceae, the same as daisies, which is why they are often referred to as gerbera or gerber daisies. In addition to being of the same family, they also share the same meaning, which is one of innocence and enduring purity. Their meaning differs slightly, mainly because of the large variety of vivid colours that are generally associated with feelings of happiness. This gives the gerbera the added meaning of cheerfulness.

When Are They Appropriate

Because of the bright nature of gerbera flowers, they are a suitable choice when sending them as a get well bouquet or as a gift of cheer. They may also be given for birthdays or in times of celebration, as a thoughtful way of saying thank you, to show your appreciation or in congratulations. Because they mean innocence and purity, gerberas are also acceptable for baby bouquets.

Meaning By Color

Common colours for gerbera flowers are orange, pink or red. This reflects only a small range of the colours that are represented by this particular type of flower. In fact, according to "The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers," there are nearly 350 shades of gerbera flowers available. Colours of flowers also have different meanings. The pink gerbera, for example, has different meanings depending on the shade. Light pink means sympathy and admiration, while darker pink represents gratitude. The red gerbera means romance and love, and orange represents desire.


Gerbera flowers symbolise several things, depending on the circumstances in which they are given. The big, bright flower that is characteristic of the gerbera is a symbol of beauty, a bright future, play and joyfulness. To the Victorians, it was considered a symbol of friendship. Because gerberas are one of the more expensive types of daisies, they are also considered a symbol of abundance and wealth by some.

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