Key Lock Vs. Combination Lock

People would like to protect valuable information or items may need to purchase a lock to protect the items from being stolen or damaged. To protect your valuables you have the option of purchasing a combination lock or a padlock that requires a key. Combination and key locks have benefits but they also have disadvantages. Your personal needs and items will determine which lock is best for you.


Combination locks operate the same way. The person who knows the combination is able to turn three specific numbers clockwise counterclockwise and clockwise again to unlock the padlock. Only those with the combination can open the lock. Key locks are locks that require a key. Only the key holder can unlock the lock. The disadvantage to a keypad lock is if the key is ever lost the owner will not have access to his valuables. If someone finds a lost key, its only of benefit to them if they know which pad lock it opens.


Unfortunately a key lock and a combination lock can be "picked." A key lock can be picked using a gem clip or other items. A combination lock can also be picked since it only takes three numbers to unlock the lock by professional thieves. If you are concerned about people in your house like your kids accessing your information, then a combination lock may be best, since only you know the combination as opposed to your key being found.


Many manufactures of locks are popular because of its durability. On the more expensive end, some locks can handle multiple gunshots and will not open. Key and combination locks can be made out of high-grade steel. If a combination lock is tampered with, there is still a chance that the combination can used to open the lock. However if the inside keyhole is damaged on a key lock, you may no longer be able to unlock the lock.


Key locks can be found for as little as three dollars. Locks that require keys and are high security can cost more than £97. The high-security locks will not only take keys, but they also have high-pitched alarms that will sound if they are tampered with. Combination locks can be less than £3, like key locks, but there is a limitation of combination locks used for high security.

Additional Feature for Combination Locks

Combination locks are also made with hardened steel to limit the use of bolt cutters. Also combination locks can now be used with a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, shapes and colours. The expansion of other symbols outside of numbers to open combination locks make them more secure then key locks.

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