Leather Vs. Cloth Seats

Written by veronica romualdez | 13/05/2017
Leather Vs. Cloth Seats
Leather or cloth interiors? (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Bowen)

When it comes to choosing car seats, people often have a difficult time making a decision between leather and cloth. Several factors are involved when choosing car seats such as the kind of car that you have, who will be riding in the car and how often you'll be using your car. The first step here, then, is to discern the pros and cons of leather and cloth.

Leather Vs. Cloth Seats
Leather or cloth interiors? (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Bowen)

Pros of Leather Seats

Leather seats are considered a luxurious addition in cars. Leather car seats not only look attractive, but also feel soft and supple and add an extra dose of comfort. Leather also has a pleasant, distinct smell that is especially noticeable in new cars. Leather seats are also easy to clean and are somewhat resistant to stains, which make them an ideal choice if children will be riding in the car. Additionally, leather seats provide the car owner with a better resale value than cloth seats.

Cons of Leather Seats

Leather seats are generally more expensive compared with cloth seats. Additionally, leather seats are not considered environmentally friendly due to the amount of leather discarded when making the seats, producing more waste. When it's hot, leather can become hot and stick to your skin; in the winter, leather seats become very cold. Some leather seats may also be slippery, which cause you to slide down when sitting on them. Furthermore, leather seats easily crack and may be easily scratched as well.

Pros of Cloth Seats

Compared with leather seats, cloth seats are more affordable. Unlike leather seats, you won't stick or get burnt by cloth when the weather is hot, nor will you slide down when sitting on cloth seats. Like leather seats, however, cloth seats are generally soft and comfortable. Additionally, because cloth is a breathable material, it basically stays the same temperature all year 'round.

Cons of Cloth Seats

The downside of cloth seats is that they are more difficult to clean and stain easily. Stains and spills are often absorbed by the cloth. Cloth seats also absorb odour easily and it may take quite some time before getting rid of odours, such as smoke from cigarettes. Furthermore, cloth seats don't look as nice as leather seats and are normally not as luxurious.

Price Range

The price of leather seats varies depending on the kind of leather used. Of course, the price of the seats will also vary depending on the model of the car and if the leather seats are customised to the owner's preference. The price of leather car seat covers can cost anywhere between £325 to over £455. Cloth seat covers generally average anywhere below £65 upwards to £130, depending on the make and model of the car.

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