Blackberry Curve Problems

Written by ryan mooney
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Complex smartphones like the BlackBerry Curve experience multiple problems. This is due to applications, memory and overall system performance failure. However, you can fix almost any problem on the Curve through some simple troubleshooting steps.

Device Continuously Reboots

A common problem that occurs with the BlackBerry Curve is that it may continually reboot and restart without any interaction with a user. If you have a used memory card in the device, this may be the root cause of the problem. The first thing you want to do is remove the memory card and then the battery from the Curve. After about 30 seconds, reinsert the battery only. If the Curve starts working as normal, the memory card is the problem with the device. However, you can fix the memory card so you do not have to purchase a new one.

Insert the memory card into a computer or memory card reader that is connected to a computer. Open the start menu, then click "My Computer" and then double-click the memory card icon that has recently appeared. Next, you will want to copy all of your saved items on the memory card to a location you will remember on the computer.

Go back to the memory card icon under "My Computer". Right-click the icon and select "Format" and then "Start." When the format completes, insert the memory card back into the BlackBerry Curve. Turn off the phone and remove the battery one more time to reset the device. Now your BlackBerry Curve should not reboot anymore and you can use your memory card.

Missing Applications

Many users experience missing applications on their Curve from time to time. There are also problems where all applications seem to have disappeared from the device. To restore your apps and fix the problem, you need to complete a "Wipe" of your smartphone. It is recommended that you back up all your data, contacts and anything important, because it will erase all temporary data.

From the home screen of the device, click on "Options," then "Security Options," and then "General Settings." Bring up the menu by hitting either the trackball or the menu button. Select the "Wipe Handheld" option that appears. You also can remove all of your third party apps at this point, too. To initiate the wipe, click "Continue" and then enter in the word "BlackBerry." Pressing the trackball will complete the process.

You Curve will reset itself when the wipe is complete, then register with your mobile carrier's network, and then restore all applications.

Missing Instant Messaging Application

Due to some software and network issues, your new BlackBerry might not come with an instant messaging app. This means you cannot use AIM, Yahoo! or any other IM app. The main way to resolve this issue is to have the application resent (re-registered) to you from your carrier's network. To do this, pick up your Curve and click the "Options" icon and then click on "Advanced Options."

To begin a re-register now, click "Host Routing Table," then hit "Menu," and then click on "Register Now" to receive the registration confirmation. After the message displays, press the "Back" key to go to the main screen.

You should now have an icon for all the IM applications and clients. You can open these and begin using IM on your Curve.

Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

There are some issues with the Curve that might break or cause a problem with connecting to Wi-Fi on the phone. First, make sure you are not set to "Airplane Mode." This mode blocks any connections from being made and blocks calling abilities. To check Airplane Mode, hit the "Menu" key, then go to "Manage Connections," and then "Mobile Network." From here, you can check Airplane Mode. Make sure this is set to "Off."

If you are still having problems, turn off the device and then turn it back on. If this still does not work, perform what is called a "hard reset." You will pull out the battery while the Curve is turned on, wait a few moments, and then reinsert the battery and turn the device on. Be wary though, this may put some settings back to default or erase text messages.

Cannot Access Memory Card Files on the Computer

When you attach the Curve to a PC with the USB cable, the memory card might not appear in the phone's software program (BlackBerry Media Manager). This blocks you from accessing or viewing any files on the media card that you use in the BlackBerry.

To fix this, try inserting the USB cable into different ports in the computer, testing each time for card recognition. If that does not work, turn off your phone, remove the battery and then turn the device back on.

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