The side effects of legal steroids

Updated July 19, 2017

There are some legal steroids on the market. There are also some steroids that doctors will give as a prescription for certain medical reasons. Anabolic steroids are ones that are sometimes used for personal use. Some people use them to boost muscle mass, to help with bodybuilding, weight loss, fat burners, cycles, cutting agents and stacks. Although some steroids are legal there are still many side effects to consider before taking them.


One of the biggest side effects to consider before using legal steroids is the damage that it can do to a person's liver. Steroids have been known to cause liver enzyme levels to rise. This is because steroids cause the liver to work too hard. Taking legal steroids may cause liver problems and permanent liver damage.


Many people have heard of "Roid Rage," which means anger that comes from using steroids. Some people have a hard time controlling emotions while using steroids. Anger is one of the main emotions that are hardest to control. This can be true even from taking legal steroids.


Hirsutism is the massive growth of body hair on the body. This can happen from taking legal steroids. Hair can grow anywhere on the body. It will grow in large amounts. For example, a woman could suddenly grow lots of facial hair on her face after using legal steroids.


Some men have lots of side effects while using legal steroids. One of them is testicular issues. It can make them have testicular atrophy. Also they can experience testicular shrinkage. Both of these conditions are due by the repression of natural testosterone levels in the body.


Gynaecomastia is when the mammary tissues on a person's body grow. Usually this happens to men. Their chest gets bigger. It is caused by the levels of oestrogen getting higher. This may happen if a person is using aromatizable steroids.

Other Effects

There are many other side effects from using legal steroids. Some women have trouble with their menstrual cycles and have clitoral enlargement. Besides men having their testicular issues, both men and women can have water retention in their bodies, acne breakouts and their voices may deepen while using legal steroids. They may also have more serious side effects like high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular diseases. Legal steroids have huge side effects, and the damage they cause may not be worth the perks they have.

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