What Can You Make With Seashells?

Your seaside vacation is over and it is time to get back to reality. Unpack, shake the sand out of your shoes, and then decide what to do with the bags of seashells the kids collected. Put those seashells to good use as trendy beach accessories for your home or as gifts for friends and family members. Fire up the glue gun and recapture the feeling of the beach with these creative seashell projects.

Seashell Light String

This is a great idea for a backyard party or a tropical holiday tree. Purchase or repurpose a string of clear mini-lights. Place a dab of cool glue (from a glue gun) or quick drying epoxy on the bottom edge of each shell and press the bulbs, one by one, into place.

Embellished Mirror

Seashell mirrors are gorgeous, but cost a small fortune in upscale home accessory stores. Make your own for little or no cost. Use a large mirror of any shape with a wide frame. Spread out your clean, dry shells and start by gluing larger shells randomly around the frame. Fill in the gaps with medium and small seashells.

Encrusted Flower Pot

Take those clay pots out the garage and dress them up with seashells for your patio or home. Make sure the pots are clean, then apply a wash of light white craft paint and water to the outside surface and inside lip of each pot. Allow the pots to dry. Glue small shells randomly or in concentric circles around each pot.

Seashell Wreath

A seashell wreath on the front door is a striking way to welcome guests to your home. Purchase a white styrofoam wreath form from your local craft store. Hot glue the shells onto the wreath along the front surface and then apply seashells around the inside and outside rims. Once the wreath is covered, layer smaller seashells on top of others to add dimension. Tie a loop of wide satin ribbon around the wreath to hang.

Salt and Pepper Cellars

Seashell salt and pepper cellars are simple and elegant touch for a dinner party. Four small clam or scallop shells are all it takes to make seashell salt and pepper cellars for each place setting. Make a base by inverting two shells and joining at the hinge with hot glue. Create the seashell cellars in the same manner. Place the cellars face up across the base and glue into place.


Take an existing night-light and substitute the plain plastic shade with a romantic souvenir from your vacation. Select a shell with a flat surface that will accept glue, apply glue to the metal or plastic night-light clip, and affix to the backside of the seashell.

Soap Dish

This is a quick project to bring a bit of the beach to your guest bathroom. Choose a seashell that is large enough to hold a standard bar of soap. Use epoxy or hot glue to attach a small shell back to back to the large shell. The small seashell acts as the base for the large shell. Make sure the small shell has a level, smooth rim to support the soap dish seashell without wobbling.

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