Herbal Tea for Bladder Problems

Updated July 19, 2017

A bladder infection is a type of urinary tract infection (UTI) caused by germs or bacteria that have made their way inside the urethra and to the bladder. They are much more common in men than women, possibly because women have a much shorter urethra than men. When detected early, bladder infections are not serious and can be easily treated.


So how do you know you have a bladder infection? One symptom is pain or burning during urination. You may also have the urge to urinate more frequently than usual or notice a cloudy appearance to your urine. Signs of severe infection include fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. If you feel pain on one side of your back, the illness may have turned into a kidney infection and you should see a doctor right away.


After diagnosing the sickness through a urine sample, a doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic to treat a bladder infection. You will need a prescription for the antibiotics, which can produce unpleasant side effects such as nausea. However, a serious infection should be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible. Letting a bladder infection go untreated can cause the infection to turn into a kidney infection, which can lead to much-more-permanent health problems.

Home Remedies

In addition to antibiotics, herbal tea can be used to treat a bladder infection. it is important to drink plenty of fluid in the first 24 hours after noticing the symptoms. Herbal tea has a natural cleansing property and can help flush away bacteria in the bladder. As a diuretic, parsley tea increases the frequency of urination, which can also reduce the bacteria. Goldenseal, echinacea and nettle teas are also used to treat bladder infection. Drink one cup several times daily for the best result. Green tea can promote a healthy bladder in general and can be used to treat or prevent inflammation of the bladder and frequent urination problems.

Other Treatments

Other natural supplements used for treatment of bladder infection include cranberry, vitamin C and probiotics such as acidophilus. Like parsley tea, cranberry is a natural diuretic. Vitamin C increases the acidity of the urine, which can help kill the infection. Acidophilus, which is found in yoghurt and can also be taken in pill form, acts as a natural antibiotic by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria.


While some people are simply more prone to bladder infection than others, there are things that can be done to prevent infection. First, make sure you drink plenty of fluid, especially water and healthy herbal teas. Avoid excessive amounts of coffee and soda. Second, practice good hygiene and wear looser breathable materials such as cotton. Also, do not delay going to the bathroom if you have to as this can cause a build-up of bacteria.

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