Wind Spinners for Kids to Make

Updated February 21, 2017

Wind spinners are colourful and fascinating to watch. They are artistic and beautiful. The commercial spinners can be a costly item. They are a craft that can be done with a small group of children. There are many possibilities for child-friendly wind spinner projects.


A wind spinner is an object that can hang in the air and will spin when the wind or a fan catches at it. It can be made with supplies that are safe for children to work on with adult supervision. They can be hung outdoors as decorations on a porch, gazebo or tree. Small ones can be made for window decorations inside a home. Crystal and transparent colours are the nicest for a window that the sun streams through. If hung on a rod away from drapes, they may spin in the breeze from an open, screened window.


Wind spinners can be made with child-friendly materials. This is an excellent craft that can be used to teach about reduce, recycle and reuse. A child can use plastic soft drink bottles to make a wind spinner. The bottle can be cut into 1- and 1/2-inch-wide strips and combined with beads to make a spinner. Help the child punch holes in each end of every plastic strip and thread them on a heavy-duty wire or recycled metal coat hanger. Thread beads from broken necklaces or craft supplies onto the wire between plastic strips.


Floral, bugs or nature-themed spinners can be made from 2-liter plastic bottles. Draw a simple line character such as a butterfly on the bottle three or four times. They need to be in exact alignment with one another. Have your child paint the bottle with acrylic, non-toxic craft paint. When the paint is completely dry, have an adult supervisor cut only one half of each character outline with an X-acto knife. Fold the character that is cut in half toward the outside of the bottle. You are folding directly over the half that is not cut out from the plastic. This gives dimension to the character and a place for the wind to catch the item and cause it to spin in the air.


Thick paper such as catalogue covers can be folded to make a wind spinner. A simple strip of paper 2 to 3 inches wide can be folded into a beautiful spinner. Craft mirrors can be used to give sparkle and dimension to a handmade spinner. Use strong, weatherproof adhesive for attaching the mirrors. Use wire or strong fishing line to keep a spinner hanging and intact.


Children can make wind spinners for spring and summertime gifts. They make good Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts. Small ones can be made for Christmas tree decorations. Children can also make wind spinners to sell at a yard sale or a summertime craft fair. They cost very little to make when using recycled materials for the main supplies.

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