Queen of hearts costume ideas

A Queen of Hearts costume can be great for costume parties and holidays like Halloween and Purim and is perfect for Valentine's Day as well, whether you're dressing up as the queen from Lewis Carol's fantasy "Alice in Wonderland" or just as your favourite of the playing cards. A Queen of Hearts costume is also necessary if you're putting on a play of the work. These costumes can be as complex as you want, but can also be produced simply and quickly if you need one in a hurry.

Sources of Inspiration

Though you may decide to buy it when you stumble across the perfect one, pre-made Queen of Hearts costumes, available in dozens of varieties, can also be an inspiration for your own creation. Red, white and black colour themes are shared by many of these outfits, but other aspects can vary dramatically. While some people draw on different centuries of fashion tradition and work in alterations of a playing card's design, others choose between playing up the dark and sexy parts of the queen's image.

The thousands of pieces of artwork inspired by Lewis Carol's work may also be a source of inspiration, as artists have depicted the Queen of Hearts in an incredible range of ways, from simple and cheerful pictures in bright colours to images with dark and surreal twists.

Sweet and Simple

Basing your design more heavily on a playing card than a typical queen will make it possible to construct a costume much quicker, and is appropriate even if you want to be the character from "Alice in Wonderland," since she and her court were indeed a pack of cards. A poster board or two (for your back) and a bit of string to attach them to your body may be all you need. Using the playing card as a guide, you can enlarge the image onto the poster board, drawing on the queen or printing an image off the computer.

Props and Attitude

Even if you're primarily going with a card look, a crown can be a great touch. As the Queen of Hearts plays croquet with a flamingo in the book, a toy flamingo can also go great with your costume. You may want to carry a deck of cards as well, perhaps with some extra copies of your namesake.

The attitude you carry yourself with can also play a critical role in shaping the reception of your costume. Add to your Queen of Hearts costume by imitating her temper and using her tagline, "Off with their heads!"

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