Instructions for Taking Pictures With a Kodak Fun Saver Disposable Camera

Kodak Fun Saver cameras are single-use, disposable cameras. These units come pre-loaded with Kodak film and have a built-in flash. Using a Kodak Fun Saver camera is straightforward. They can be used right out of the package with little to no preparation.

Kodak Fun Saver Cameras

Kodak Fun Saver cameras arrive packaged in a box and an inner seal made of plastic or foil to keep the film fresh. Start by removing the camera from its carton and from the protective foil wrapper. Do not open the camera itself or touch the seals on the camera, this will cause light to leak into the camera and compromise the film.

To take a picture, wind the film to prepare the camera for use.The Fun Saver contains 800 speed film. This is suitable for both indoor and outdoor photography. The roll of film will contain up to 27 prints, depending upon the camera; you can keep track of the number of exposures using the exposure counter on the top of the camera. When you open the camera, press the shutter button, then wind the film. Repeat until the film counter needle points to the number "1." The camera is ready to use.

Look through the viewfinder to compose your image. This will show the image as it will appear on the finished print. Press the shutter button to activate the shutter and take the picture. If the shutter button will not move, try using the gear wheel on the right-hand side of the camera to wind the film. After taking the picture, use the gear wheel and wind the film until the wheel stops. You are now prepared for the next picture.

These single-use cameras have a built in flash with batteries already installed. When photographing in lowlight situations, turn the flash on by pressing the flash button and waiting for the flash light to appear. Once this light has appeared, the picture can then be taken and the flash will activate. After you have taken a picture using the flash, reset the flash by pressing the flash button again.

When finished using the Fun Saver camera, take it to a film processor to have the film removed from the camera and your photos printed. Many film processors will recycle the camera body to be reused; you can request this specifically from your processor.