How to Use a Pentax P30

tripod image by Bube from

The Pentax P30 35mm SLR camera, when used with any SMC Pentax-A lens, has three exposure modes: Programmed AR, Metered Manual and Programmed Auto Flash. If you set the lens aperture to "A" position, you can use the programmed AE mode.

In this mode, the camera will automatically select the best combination of shutter speed and aperture depending on the brightness of what you are photographing. This is the most suitable mode for beginners.

This camera needs two alkaline or silver-oxide (AA-size, 1.5 V) batteries to operate. Open the cover of the battery chamber by turning it counter-clockwise using a coin.

Properly insert new batteries into the chamber. Their (+) sides need to face downward.

Put the cover back on.

Push with your fingernail to unfold the rewind crank.

Pull the rewind knob upward. Keep doing this until the back cover snaps open.

Slide the film cartridge into the film chamber. Make sure the flat side is up.

Push the rewind knob down to lock the cartridge in place. Rotate it slightly and make sure that it grips the spool.

Pull the film leader out so that its end is aligned with the film leader end mark. Make sure the perforations on the bottom of the film engage the sprocket teeth and the spool teeth. The film should be between the two guide rails.

Close the back cover by snapping it in place.

Cock the film wind lever. Check to see if the film rewind knob turns.

Make blank exposures until you see "0" in the exposure counter. You are ready to take pictures.

Make sure the main meter switch is set to "On." If it is not, turn it on by sliding it.

Remove the lens cap by pressing on the notches on both sides. Make sure the lens is clean. If not, clean it with a soft cloth.

Hold the camera with both hands to avoid shaking.

Place your eye to the viewfinder, and frame what you desire to photograph.

Press down the shutter button. Release the shutter button gently to avoid blurry pictures.