Instructions for Rose Petal Cottage

Rose Petal Cottage allows children to enter their own world of pretend play as they ignite their imagination within the world the cottage helps them create. Like most toys, Rose Petal Cottage does require some assembly. Once you have assembled your Rose Petal Cottage, your child can begin creating their pretend world.

The cottage comes complete with playhouse and stove for pretend food play.

Stove Assembly

Begin assembly by separating all components of the stove. Before assembly, the stove is comprised of six parts: top, shelf, back, two sides and front. Once you are certain you have all the required components, place the back panel onto the floor so its backside is flat against the floor. Insert the side panels into the grooves that are on either side of the back panel. With the sides in place, position the front panel so each side panel slides into the grooves on the back of the front panel.

With all four sides in place, sit the stove upright and place the interior shelf inside the stove. Position the top of the stove onto the top of the four sides and press down until the stove-top is firmly in place.

Cottage Frame Assembly

Begin interior frame construction by separating each tube and connector by colour. You will have an equal number of pink tubes and white tubes. The pink tubes complete the frame for the door-side of the cottage while you will use the white tubes to construct the chimney-side. Each tube is also designated by a number.

Assemble the roof of the door-side of the cottage first by connecting four #5 pink tubes to three #1 pink tubes using four white three-way connectors.

Continue the door-side assembly by connecting four #4 pink tubes to four #1 pink tubes using four white straight connectors. With the tubes connected, attach to the roof frame using four blue top corner three-way connectors.

For the bottom of the frame, connect a pink #2 tube to one pink #3 tube using a straight white connector. Connect to the walls of the assembly using two red three-way back corner connectors. Finish the assembly by connecting two pink #2 tubes to finish the sides using two red front corner connectors.

Repeat the assembly for the chimney side using the remaining white tubes in place of the pink tubes.

Attaching the Cottage Cover

Place the door-side cover on the floor with the artwork facing the floor. Unzip the cover and pull the exterior doors outward so the cover is completely flat. Place the frame on top of the cover and attach the cover to the frame using the fabric tabs, starting with those nearest the peak of the roof. Continue attaching until the cover is completely covering the frame. Once the cover is in place, zip up the sides of the frame cover.

Repeat the process for chimney-side cover. Sit the house upright. Your Rose Petal Cottage is now ready for play.