White Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips

A white leather sofa makes a definite statement in any room, as it will capture your eye much faster than a brown or black sofa. Keeping the white leather clean will be a challenge, especially if you have children or animals who will frequent its comfortable cushions. Fret not, however, as there are multiple ways to keep your white leather looking fresh and new.

Soapy Water Works Wonders

For a total, deep cleaning of your white leather couch, nothing works better than plain soapy water and a clean cloth. Use a mix of Ivory soap and lukewarm water. Also, make sure to rinse out the cleaning cloth in a separate container of plain water. Doing this will keep your soapy water clean, as washing white leather in brown water will not make for a shiny sofa but instead a dingy one.

After a deep cleaning, it is a good idea to seal the couch with a product like Armor All, made to protect interior leather.

Baby and Leather Wipes

Daily maintenance of your couch will keep it looking nice between deep cleanings. Believe it or not, baby wipes are perfect for wiping clean any spots or marks, as they are gentle enough not to damage the leather, yet strong enough to remove the dirt and grime. If you prefer to use something other than baby wipes, purchase a wipe made just for white leather cleaning. These can be purchased at a furniture store, a car dealership or the grocery store. The wipes sold at car dealerships will probably be more expensive but will also be higher quality.

Hair Spray and Nail Polish Remover

A stain on your white leather sofa is like a glaring eyesore. Unlike a brown or black leather sofa, stains on white leather cannot be covered up--they must be removed. If you have ink marks on your sofa, one of the best methods to remove the stains is hair spray. Simply spray on the stain and allow it to sit for a minute and then remove with a baby or leather wipe. For stains from items like red wine or scuff marks from shoes, non-acetone nail polish remover does the trick. Blot on with a cotton ball and then wipe away with a baby or leather wipe.

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