Motorhome Paint Ideas

A motorhome in desperate need of painting

If you're trying to restore the paint on your motorhome or want it to have an entirely new look, then there are a number of things you can do to make this happen. As with painting any automobile, doing it yourself is difficult--especially with a motorhome because of its massive size. There are a number of companies who can paint your motorhome for you and can also do things you'd never dreamed of to really make your house on wheels stand out from the rest on the road.

Factory Designs

Notice the design on these types of RV paintjobs.

Factory painting and design companies do a large amount of the motorhome painting, creating simple yet slightly abstract designs to at least wrap around the middle exterior trim of the motorhome, if not stretch around the vehicle completely. Factory painted motorhomes can come in all colours, ranging from gold to black to silver to cream. This style of paint job has become typical of many motorhomes you see on the road. They have simple yet unique lines, swipes and streaks of design which come in a variety of colours and look like wallpaper or wrapping paper, yet still have a look that is all their own. Motorhomes with these paint jobs stand out from the other larger vehicles on the road and everyone knows by their expressive exteriors that they are recreational vehicles.

Motorhome Murals

Some motorhome owners like to go the extra mile with their exterior paint job by having a mural painted on the vehicle. Many of these murals end up on the back of the motorhome for greater visibility, and can widely range from depictions of the Nativity to American eagles to underwater scenes--and they can probably be whatever you want them to be, as long as they don't distract other drivers on the road. Some motorhome owners paint murals over the entire surface of their motorhome.

Flag or Team Design

Many motorhome owners travel in their motorhomes to auto car races or team sporting events, as this is one of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to go to these events. So the motorhome paintjob can reflect this passion. You could a checkered flag dominating the exterior paint with the number of your favourite driver in choice places around the motorhome. The colours and team logo of your favourite football or baseball team can make your vehicle a central meeting location for other fans of your favourite team in the car park of every game you attend.

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