Ways to Darken Your Beard

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Throughout life, your hair may darken or lighten depending on your genes, environment and even health. This also applies to your facial hair. If you wish to darken the hair that makes up your beard, there are a few ways that you can go about doing this. Purchasing hair care products is usually the quickest and easiest way to darken your beard, though there are alternatives.

Hair Dye Kit

Purchase a home beard hair dye kit. It's best to purchase a kit that is made just for beards and moustaches as the chemicals may be more harsh in dyes that are meant to be used on the head. Each kit is different, so follow the instructions. All kits will provide you with gloves. Wear these so as not to stain your hands. Most kits will come with a brush. Use the brush to apply the dye after you mix it. Rinse thoroughly according to the instructions that come with your kit.


Try henna beard dye. Henna is an all-natural product that is a permanent dye, though it doesn't contain the harsh chemicals that are found in standard hair dye kits. With henna, you may have to purchase multiple kits as it's a little more difficult to predict the exact colour that will appear after you use the product. It's best to dye a small section of your beard first before colouring the entire thing. Remember, it's best to dye it too light to begin with as you can always go darker. However, it's harder to go from dark hair to light hair.


Visit a professional. Visit a hair salon near you. Any of these professionals will be able to dye your beard so that it will turn out to be exactly what you want. Though this method is more expensive than over-the-counter methods, you won't have to worry about dying your beard an off-colour, as this is a possibility with home kits.


Some people swear by the effects of using cocoa to darken hair. Cocoa is a harmless product and though it works to darken some people's hair, others don't notice a difference. However, cocoa lacks harsh chemicals, so giving it a try is painless and risk free. Mix a tablespoon of cocoa with a little water to make a paste. Lather the paste into your beard and allow it to sit until it is close to being dry. Rinse out the cocoa and repeat two to three days per week. Within a week or two, you will begin to notice a difference.

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