Gifts for Your Daughter-in-Law

Your daughter-in-law is a special part of your life. She cares for your son and raises your grandchildren. Select a thoughtful gift that expresses your love and joy that she is part of your family. Even if you are still getting to know your daughter-in-law you can still give her a gift that has meaning to both of you.

Special Photos

Share treasured family photos with your daughter-in-law in a scrapbook or a slide show DVD. Gather photos of your son and other family members through the years and assemble a chronological photo montage. Uncover photos that she has never seen before and pictures that capture some of the family's special moments such as the holidays, family trips or special religious ceremonies.

Make your own scrapbook with materials from the local card and scrapbook store or arrange photos in a nice photo album. Create a slide show DVD using your presentation maker software program on either a Macintosh or PC. Choose your son's favourite music through the years to play in the background.

Date Night Package

Give your son and daughter-in-law a break from the kids and give her a special date night package gift. Include a manicure and pedicure gift token so she can get ready for her night out and offer free babysitting services for the evening. You could also offer to watch the children while she shops for a new outfit or go with her if you two are close.

Be sure you deliver the date night gift package the afternoon of date night. The package could include a bottle of champagne, two champagne flutes, a gift token to her favourite restaurant and a box of chocolates.

Personal Gift Coupons

If your daughter-in-law is a busy professional and mother, she can use your help. Pregnant or new moms can especially use the help because they are often tired and can't seem to accomplish the same demands as they could in the past. Create a special coupon book for the next event that will give her a break from her hectic schedule.

Create a packet of coupons that offer a specific service from you such as cleaning the bathrooms, watching the kids or making dinner for the family. Tell her that if she ever needs a day off from cleaning, childcare or general mom duties to give you a call and cash in her gift token.