Hotpoint Washer Instructions

Hotpoint manufactures a line of washing machines for use in the home. Many of the machines are front loading units that feature several options for washing your laundry. There are an array of push button and electronic controls for easy operation, and built in systems, such as the load balancing system, that work without the need for input from the user.

Load Balancing

Hotpoint washing machines use a load balancing system to reduce the machine's vibrations during spin cycles. The system also balances the load so that all items in the washer are properly cleaned. During the load balancing phase of the wash cycle, the drum in the machine spins at a higher rate of speed than the spinning speed used during the washing process. If the load balancing system is unable to distribute the load evenly, the machine will continue with the spin cycle at a lower rate of speed than selected. To avoid this, make sure your laundry is separated into like materials and that large and small items are mixed together in each load for even distribution.

Operating the Washer

When you are ready to use your Hotpoint washer, press the "Power" button to turn on the machine. Open the machine door and place your laundry in the drum. Do not overload the machine as it may not be able to complete all wash cycles if overfilled. Pull out the detergent drawer located above and to the left of the drum. Place the detergent in the left compartment and push the drawer in. Close the washer drawer.

Choose a wash cycle with the program knob on the left of the control panel. Press the "Start/Pause" button to begin the wash cycle. You can cancel a cycle that has already started by pressing and holding the "Power" button.

Additional Wash Options

Though Hotpoint washing machines offer several washing cycles, there are additional wash options that can be applied to each load of laundry. These options are used by pressing the corresponding option button on the control panel of the machine. The additional options are "Time Saver," "Reduced Creases," "Extra Rinse" and "Mini Load."

"Time Saver" shortens the wash cycle, leading to less water and electricity being used. This option is only available if the wash intensity of your cycle is set to "Normal" or "High" and cannot be used with the "Fast Wash," "Silk," "Wool" or "Rinse & Spin" wash cycles. If your laundry is often wrinkled after washing, choose the "Reduced Creases" option. The drum will spin slowly after the wash process is complete, reducing the amount of time the clothes are sitting and creating wrinkles. You can stop the washer by pressing "Start/Pause."

The "Extra Rinse" option extends the rinsing portion of the wash cycle, reducing the amount of detergent left in the clothes. This option is good for people with skin sensitive to detergents or when the machine is full. You may also want to use this feature if too much detergent was used. Finally, the "Mini Load" option should be used when the load is half or less of the maximum load to save water and washing time.

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