How to Make a Trophy for Kids

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Create trophies for family competitions, races between friends, or any type of contest. Let someone special know how you feel with a trophy for Father's Day, Mother's Day or to award a friend or family member a personalised award, such as the "Best Friend" or "Nicest Sister" award. Use some recycled materials, a bit of creativity and some craft supplies to create your homemade trophy. Kids can create the trophies themselves, but younger kids may need help with cutting tasks.

Tape the bottom of a disposable plastic, foam or paper cup with masking tape to the open end of an empty toilet paper roll. Position the empty roll in the centre of the bottom of the cup so that it makes a stem for the cup to sit on.

Tape the opposite end of the empty toilet paper roll to the centre of the front panel of an empty gelatin box.

Cover the entire cup, toilet paper roll and gelatin box with a layer of masking tape to make it paintable. Also, close the open end of the gelatin box while you are taping, to create a solid block base for the trophy.

Spread newspaper or pages from old magazines over a table to protect it from paint.

Paint the entire trophy with gold craft paint and a paintbrush. Apply paint to the inside of the cup as well as the entire outside surface of the trophy. Let the paint dry according to the label on the bottle or can.

Write what the trophy is for onto the base or cup of the trophy, whichever you prefer, with a pencil.

Paint over your written words with a thin bristled paintbrush and black paint.

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