60th Birthday Present Ideas for a Man

By the time men reach a certain age, they may end up having everything. Shopping for a 60th birthday can be difficult. Luckily there are plenty of fun gifts that you can give to surprise a man for his 60th birthday.

You can get gifts that poke fun at his age, gifts that impress him or surprise gifts that he'd never imagine getting.

Personalised Wine

Nothing says "Aged to Perfection" like a bottle of red wine. Red wine has been found to have medicinal benefits, and it makes a great gift. Internet vendors allow customers to upload their own wine labels, so you can have his face or anything else that will amuse him on a wine label.

After 60 years, keep in mind that he's almost seen it all, so a personalised wine bottle might be just the surprise that makes him smile. Consider ordering him an entire case, so he can share it with friends and enjoy it when company comes.

Some states limit the amount of wine that can be shipped, received, ordered or imported, so be sure to allow plenty of shopping time for this, as you may need to order in advance, drive a considerable distance to pick up the gift or order a smaller quantity.

Geriatric Gag Gift

Create your own over-the-hill care package, with a basket full of medical devices and over-the-counter medications. Herbal remedies for impotence, disposable bladder-control diapers, an oversized universal remote control, a bed pan, denture adhesive, haemorrhoid remedies and reading glasses or a giant magnifying glass and a walking stick make nice additions.

Exotic Dancers

Unless it will offend someone, a striptease makes a fun gift for an older man. if he's been married to the same woman for many years, she likely will not be bothered by sexy young women dancing for him; she'll probably think it's funny. To increase the odds of this gift being a success, search for obese strippers or transsexuals, they're available in many larger cities and accustomed to being hired for comedic purposes.