Gift ideas for boys ages 12 to 14

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Choosing a gift for a boy between the ages of 12 and 14 can be tricky. Some boys mature more quickly than others, so it is not unusual to find a 14 year old still wanting toys or a 12 year old wanting more sophisticated toys or the latest fashions.


Boys in this age range are developing motor skills and critical thinking skills, and many enjoy LEGO toys, including the Bionicles. They are old enough to handle the larger, more complicated LEGO kits, such as ones that build the Star Wars Death Star, the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower.


Music is a vital element in social development, and an iPod or less-expensive MP3 player can be an ideal present. A "tween," which is child o the verge of becoming a teenager, may begin by loading silly Weird Al Yankovic songs before moving on to more mature fare. You could supplement the gift by buying iTune or Amazon MP3 gift cards for them to choose and load the music of their choice.


Boys between 12 and 14 are starting to take more interest in their appearance. Rather than buying clothing yourself, purchase gift cards for popular teen clothing stores so they can pick their own clothes. This provides the boy with the power to find their own sense of style and the "money" to create the style.


If reading is a favourite past time for the boy, then books can work as a gift. Boys this age like books that are fast-moving, thoughtful and written in a boy-friendly style. Go beyond the popular Harry Potter series to books like Lawn Boy, the Chocolate War, Endurance, Holes or Ender's Game. Websites like Books for Boys and Guys Read (see resources) can give you book lists and reviews.

  • If reading is a favourite past time for the boy, then books can work as a gift.