Creative Ways to Give Someone Tickets

One of the best gifts you can give someone is a ticket to an event. The gift recipient will be thrilled to know that they soon will be attending a memorable event. These tickets show that you want to spend time with them. And, they prove you know the kind of events this person likes to attend.

Now, let's present those tickets in a fun, creative way.

Send them on a treasure hunt

Go to a craft store and buy one of those wooden boxes that looks like a treasure chest. Paint it and decorate it. Then, hide it. Leave clues out for the person to search around the house or room to find the treasure box. It will be entertaining to watch and memorable to the person looking for the treasure.

Buy a CD and hide them in the liner notes booklet

If you are attending a concert, buy the performer's latest effort. Fold the tickets so they fit within the CD's liner notes booklet. The booklet can be ignored, so you may have to be sly. Tell the recipient there's something -- a poster or a cool photo -- that they have to see in the booklet. Let them open it up and watch the tickets fall in to their lap.

Hide it in a magazine/book

If you know that your recipient always reads a book or magazine at a certain hour, sneak the tickets inside the reading material. Leave part of the ticket showing so that it's seen.

Write a message in lipstick on the mirror

Write the message, "Save the Date," with the date of the event on your gift recipient's mirror. When asked why, say it's a surprise. When the date arrives, hide the tickets underneath the passenger-side visor of the car. Get the person in the car and have them pull down the visor.

Give them other presents to lead up to the tickets

Play a guessing game. Give them three other gifts related to the main tickets. If you're going to a sporting event, buy a mini basketball and memorabilia of the person's favourite team. Ask if they have any clue about the last present. After three tries, give them the tickets.