How to Insert Smiley Faces in InDesign

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Insert or place smiley face images in your Adobe InDesign document to enhance visual communication and appearance. Smiley face images are provided as royalty free images online that can be downloaded to your computer and imported to your document. Smiley faces can also be created using tools in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Smiley face images are inserted into InDesign documents by "Placing" files. InDesign provides tools for increasing or decreasing the image size as well as three dimensional effects and image rotating.

Create a smiley face in Photoshop or Illustrator, or download a smiley face image from the Internet. Save the smiley face images to your computer using a file name that is easy to find.

Open your document in InDesign and go to "File" and "Place." Select your image by clicking on the file.

Hover your cursor over the designated spot for your image and click the mouse to place it in the document.

Change the size of your smiley face by selecting the image and placing the cursor over a corner anchor.

Drag the image box to your chosen size and click. Go to "Object" and "Fitting" and choose Fit Content Proportionally.

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