Unique 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

For some men it's nifty turny fifty; for others it's not so much fun.

Turning 50 is a milestone. Honour any man you know who is turning 50 with a variety of gift options. From homemade to hilarious, there's sure to be that one perfect gift that strikes you positively as the one you'll give your man. Whether he's your hubby, a relative or a wonderful friend, use your imagination and allow these ideas to fuel even more of your own.


Nothing says thoughtful like a homemade gift. Whatever your creative forte may be, put it to work in honour of the big 5-0. If sewing is your strong point, create a beautiful quilt designed with photos from the past fifty years. Photos can be transferred onto fabric and stitched into incredible quilting squares. The gift will not only be a work of art, but a wonderful keepsake as well.

Craft a scrapbook that commemorates turning 50. Gear it toward a man's taste with bold colours and embellishments that match his interests. Cars, trucks, tools, sports memorabilia--the sky's the limit in the scrapbook department at your local craft store. Go a step further and ask friends and family members to pen personal notes to the birthday boy in honour of his turning 50. Incorporate the notes into the scrapbook for a keepsake he and his family will enjoy for years to come.

Set Sail

If your 50th birthday guy isn't one for pomp and circumstance, consider a unique way to honour him in a small or even a private setting.

Venture to your local body of water; be it a river, lake, ocean or even a large pond, where sunset or other small cruises are available. Book reservations for an intimate gathering of very close family and friends or a private affair for just the two of you, and set sail for a couple of hours of cruising, cocktails, and either munchies or dinner.

Gift him with a captain's hat monogrammed with his initials or the date of his 50th birthday, as well as tickets for a future cruising event for fishing with the guys.


If your guy has a good sense of humour, arrange with a comedy club in a local city to do a mini-roast. With plenty of notice. most clubs will enlist their local comedian (national talent isn't likely to get involved) to mention the birthday guy and a couple of funny anecdotes pertaining to his 50th birthday.

Invite a group of friends and family members to get in on the fun. Buy the birthday boy a beer mug and sweatshirt with the comedy club's logo to commemorate the evening.

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