50th birthday present ideas for women

Your friend, sister, wife or mother is turning 50, an important milestone. This woman who has given so much to you and blessed your life deserves a gift that acknowledges her special day.

Women of 50 are vital and have more opportunities than ever before, so that 50th birthday present needs to help her move forward into the next stage of her life.


Now that the kids are out of the house and on their own, many women of 50 are choosing to go back to college and either finish a degree or start a new one. Consider a new laptop or a nice leather laptop bag, or a new wireless book reader. Husbands might plan a shopping trip to replace her current wardrobe with clothes more suitable for college.


For some women, turning 50 signals a time to set off and explore the world. Travel-related gifts are the perfect way to help her enjoy the experience. Consider a special neck pillow for those long aeroplane rides, or a nice piece of wheeled luggage she can just pull through the airport.


Learning a new craft is another way that a woman who has turned 50 chooses to explore her creativity. Giving her the tools or accessories for her creative interests will be greatly appreciated. If you don't really know what she needs, she will definitely appreciate a gift card to her favourite arts and craft store.


Your favourite 50-year-old may decide that this is the time of life when she should be concentrating on getting in shape for the next 50 years. If she has been talking about bike riding or joining a health club, a new bicycle, a helmet or a year's membership to the gym will encourage her.


Turning 50 can trigger a desire to get out of the house and explore the great outdoors. Whether your birthday girl wants to go camping, backpacking, fishing or even hunting, there are a few must-haves for any venture to the great outdoors. She will surely appreciate a waterproof watch, a new fishing rod or a basket of lotions and sunscreen to preserve her youthful appearance.

Always a Hit

If the suggestions so far don't fit what you know about your special birthday girl, then consider some all-time favourites: a new car, a trip to some exotic tropical paradise, a week at a rest-and-rejuvenation spa or a new piece of jewellery. Husbands, this is the time to be really listening. If she's been reminiscing about your honeymoon in Paris, Texas, consider surprising her with a trip to Paris, France.