Home Remedies to Lighten Dyed Hair Color

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Oh no! You've just dyed your hair and the colour is much darker than you expected. How do you lighten your locks without getting a colour correction at a stylist? Fortunately, there are many different products you can use to lighten your hair after you've dyed it.

Hair Dye Remover

Hair dye remover can be purchased in any store where beauty supply products are sold. One of the most notable brands is Oops Extra-Strength Hair Dye Remover. Not only does it remove the dye, but it primes your hair for another hair colour application. When using this product, it is extremely important to follow the directions provided inside the box, since hair dye remover can cause spottiness. Basically, this product acts like bleach and can be used immediately after dyeing your hair to remove the unwanted colour. When applying, make sure you wear the gloves provided in the kit. Begin by saturating the ends of your hair all the way up to about an inch from the root. Let the product remain in your hair until you see your hair lighten at least one shade. Then, apply more of the hair dye remover to your roots. This product is heat activated, so the closer it is applied to your roots, the faster it will lighten. This product is rather smelly and can take a few shampoos to remove the odour, but it is well worth it.

Quick Blue

Quick Blue is a hair lightening product that, unlike conventional boxed bleach, comes in a tub in paste form. Most boxed bleaches come with a lightening powder, which is very irritating when breathed in or exposed to the eyes. When using Quick Blue, you also need a bottle of 20 volume cream peroxide. Both of these products can be purchased at a beauty supply store such as Sally's. One thing that separates Quick Blue from conventional bleach is that Quick Blue does not dry out like bleach does, which keeps you from having to reapply the mixture every 10 minutes. It is also easier on your scalp and doesn't cause as much irritation to the skin as bleach. Do not leave Quick Blue on your hair too long, however; it is important to monitor the lightening progress, otherwise you could end up with bright orange or yellow tresses. To lighten your hair a couple of shades, leave the mixture on your hair for only about 10 minutes.

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are known for moisturising your hair, but they can also fade hair colour. You can purchase hot oil treatments at the store or create your own at home. A natural homemade hot oil treatment consists of a 50/50 combination of olive oil and vegetable oil. After being heated in the microwave, apply the hot oil mixture to your hair and leave it on for about 25 minutes. Then, rinse the mixture out of your hair with cold water. This process may take several days or even weeks, but it is much less harmful than using chemicals to lighten your hair.

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