Fun ways to teach first aid to youths

Teaching first aid skills to kids enables them to handle emergency situations with more ease. Being prepared may help calm their nerves in a situation that requires first aid. An interactive approach to teaching first aid makes the learning process more fun and effective.

Youth are able to actively practice first aid techniques and are likely retain the information due to the fun approach.

Make a First Aid Kit

Create a list of supplies for a first aid kit with the help of the kids. Discuss the uses of each item and why they are important to include in a first aid kit. Select a container for the first aid kit. A tackle box, plastic storage box or zippered cloth bag will work well. Allow the youth to decorate the first aid kit. Assist the kids in gathering all of the first aid items on the list. Organise the items inside the first aid kit.

First Aid Poster

Create posters that relate to first aid topics. Have kids draw pictures or cut pictures out of magazines. Topics for the first aid posters could include directions for first aid kits, procedures for handling injuries or general first aid awareness. Have each child share his poster with the others to stimulate conversation about first aid topics. Display the posters as a reminder of the first aid skills learnt.

Field Trips & Guest Speakers

Kids may have a fear of doctors, hospitals, police officers and paramedics. Emergency medical situations are frightening for everyone. Plan a field trip to a clinic, hospital or fire station. The youth will have the opportunity to meet the emergency personnel in a non threatening environment to ease any fears. If a field trip is not possible, invite these professionals to visit and speak with the kids. Allow the medical professionals to share first aid advice with the kids.

Dramatic Play

Use dramatic play to allow kids to practice first aid situations. Provide an unconnected phone and have the children practice calling 911. Pretend to be the operator so they can practice having a conversation. Set up a clinic play area so they can practice first aid treatments. Encourage the youth to create a skit or presentation about first aid topics. The goal with dramatic play is to increase their comfort level with first aid and emergency situations.

Practice on Each Other

After watching videos or hearing about first aid procedures, allow the kids to practice on each other. Provide the first aid supplies needed to care for various medical situations. Assign each youth a partner. Describe a particular first aid situation such as a sprained ankle, burn or cut on the hand. Using the provided first aid supplies, have the partners administer the necessary first aid for the injury.

First Aid Trivia

Create a set of first aid trivia cards that cover first aid basics. Laminate the trivia cards for durability. Have each child draw a trivia card and answer the question. Another option is to write a first aid procedure on each trivia card. Have the child perform the procedure on a doll or another child.

First Aid Charades

Create cards with various first aid procedures or ideas listed on them. Have one child draw a card. Have her act out the first aid idea on the card for the others to guess. The person who guesses correctly is the next person to select a card. Another option is to have the kids draw pictures so the others can guess.