Hey there, my name's Mark Newman-Kuzel. I'm president, CEO of Maid U.S.A., we've been keeping Los Angeles clean for two decades, and today I'm going to teach you how to clean mold from your shower door caulking. I'm going to take my product right here that has some bleach in it, just a few spurts. It's a good product, you can already see some of that stuff being eaten away. Take your sponge, let's go back and forth in here. Take the soft side to clean up any excess. Last, but not least, my paper towel preferably white two-ply. That's always the best, no inks on it either, because it doesn't absorb as well. Back and forth. You want to be careful, too, doing this by the way, about the caulking. If the caulking's loose, you don't want to scrub too hard, but hard enough. You also want to keep your window open in the bathroom, and the ceiling fan on, so you're not bleach products any more than you need to. Mark Newman-Kuzel, and that's how you clean mold from shower door caulking.