Hey there, I'm Mark Newman-Kuzel, president, CEO of Maid U.S.A, and today I'm going to teach you how to clean dirty grout. In the past, you've probably seen me clean kitchen grout with bleach, but a lot of you have been asking lately, "How can I clean my home using green products?" One of the best products on the marketplace is Clorox Green Works, and it's healthy for children, for you, your pets, anyone and everyone. What I'm going to do here with my Green Works, which is very friendly for the environment, spray it on there, take a toothbrush. Please, make sure this isn't the same toothbrush that you, Susie, Billy Bob, or anyone else are going to use tonight after dinner. This should be stored under the kitchen sink. Alright, got that up. Take my sponge, a little back and forth wrist action. One little paper towel, fold that over a couple of times so we can use that many times over, and wow, that's clean. Mark Newman-Kuzel, Maid U.S.A., and that's how you clean dirty grout.