Hey there, I'm Mark Newman-Kuzel, president/CEO of Maid in U.S.A., and today I'm going to teach you how to remove mold from a shower stall. You need three products for this. I buy concentrate so I can mix it up in my old bottle, my own bottles, and this is X-14 instant mold and mildew remover; a sponge with yellow scruffy reverse and a bucket with warm water. What you're going to first do is you can see the mold right here. Grosses me out when I'm showering. Kind of get that in there. I'm using the scruffy reverse. Using the tips of my fingers to really get in there, move that up and down. And take that same sponge, rinse it in my water, ring it out. Just kind of wipe up any excess chemicals. And that's how you remove mold from a shower stall. I'm Mark Newman-Kuzel of Maid in U.S.A.