Hi, my name is Jen, and we are here at the Phoenix Salon in LA, California. And I have my model here today that has a mixture of strawberry blond hair and some blond highlighting that we have done. And we are going to go ahead and take him back to a natural dark brown color. So from here we are going to get to our color that we are going to use, which is an Italian color line called Chromatique. And I am using 2 colors. One is a level 4 which is a medium brown and the other one is level 3 which is a darker brown. So we are going to mix the 2 together and we are going to use 20 volume peroxide. And we are going to use our tint bowl, tint brush here, a whisk. So lets go ahead and get to mixing color. We use a half an ounce of color. It's a cream based color. So I am putting that into our tint bowl. And along with that we are adding half an ounce of the other color, of the level 4 color. So we are adding an ounce of peroxide into our color because we have an ounce of color. We mix our color together. And whisk is a really great tool to use to incorporate the color. It really helps to mix things really thoroughly. And we are looking for that creamy texture. Just about that. And there we go. I'm going to put a pair of gloves on, make sure that my hands don't get stained. Put a protective barrier around his hair line here so his hair line will not stain from the hair color. So basically I'm just going to go around the hair line and it's an oil based product. It just protects the skin. So when we wash the color off he won't have a stain. Nobody will know that he has had his hair color. It will be a big mystery. And then once you've done that you can go ahead and start applying the color. And you just start from the roots going around the hair line. And then you can just apply all the way up from the roots to end and repeat this process all the way throughout the head. Until you completely cover his entire head. Okay, so we are just finishing up applying the color here and we kind of got it all over from roots to the ends. I just want to make sure that it's fully covered. So once I've gotten it all on I'm going to go ahead and take my hands and kind of mush the color through here just to make sure it's all saturated on there. And then one last final touch that I like to do is just go around the hair line one more time. Just to make sure that everything is fully covered. And as soon as I am done with that he's just going to sit for 20 minutes. And there you go. So when you do this you don't want to shampoo it, you just want to rinse it and put some conditioner and that's it. You do not want to shampoo the hair after you've toned it. So it's just a little bit of conditioner and that will be it. Alright. Okay and here we go this is our final stage of going back to our natural brown color from the red, blond to a natural brown.