Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, PGA golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona. And I'm going to show you how to cure the dreaded slice. First thing you have to remember is what causes a slice. Well, basically it's pretty simple. When you go to hit a golf shot, you're clubhead isn't square to your target, it's open. If the clubface is open, the ball's going to go right. So, you have to determine what is causing the golf club to be open. Well, the fist thing I'd check is your grip. if your grip is too weak, your hands are basically curled too far to the left. And what happens when you swing it back, you're club's, your hands return to a natural position and your clubhead opens up so that when you hit the golf ball, the clubhead's open. The first thing I would do in that situation, if it's too weak, is I put it in my fingers, and rotate the hand so that the V that I form with my index finger and my thumb, points to my right shoulder. In other words, the apex points to my right shoulder. Then I take my right hand and I just let it mold to the left. This will allow the clubhead to stay square and possibly even close a little as you swing the club through the impact area. The second thing I would check is my ball position. If the ball position is too far back in your stance, there's a good chance that the clubface is going to be open when you come into it. If it's too far forward, okay, then the clubhead might be closing but if you have a weak grip, you're going to be cutting across the ball with an open clubface and that produces what we call a weak slice. The third thing I would check is my setup. Number one, if I have the right ball position and the right grip, am I out of balance, am I leaning forward too much, am I leaning back too much. You want to be in a balanced position when you hit a golf ball. The second thing you want to make sure is that your alignment is proper. Alignment's very simple. You have two railroad tracks. The golf ball is on the track going to your target, your body is on the other track. It's parallel to that. You see people do this, I want to play them for money, because they're already in trouble. You aim the club, you square your body, and now you're set to go. Once you've got the grip, the ball position, and the set up, I'm going to show you one last thing you can do to make sure that ball doesn't go way right. You take your grip, you take your set up, you have your ball position. Now, with the proper grip on there, your hands can rotate properly and as a result, when you swing forward, let the toe of the club go up. That looks closed, but guess what; that's square. Another way to look at it is with the toe of the club past the heel, on the forward swing. And if I do that, my club face will not be open, and I hit a nice long straight shot right where I want to. I'm Johnny Miles.