Hi I'm Dr. David Hill and today we're going to talk about how to get rid of eczema on ears as naturally as possible. So, what you're going to need: an ear with eczema and some sort of thick moisturizing lotion, cream or ointment. Eczema is a skin condition that is both a type of allergy and also a result of dry skin. We do a lot of things that remove oils from our skin. We use shampoo and soap and water, maybe we swim and that introduces allergens to the skin and weakens the skin in ways that allow it to form an allergic reaction to certain other elements of our environment. This type of allergic reaction in the skin or eczema is particularly common in infants and young children but it can occur at any age. Now there are quite a few medical therapies aimed at eczema but today we're going to talk about the first steps that you can take without any medical therapies. Now one thing is simply to leave as much oil on the skin as possible. Concentrate on giving your child a short bath once a day with a minimum of soap. Don't let them soak. Don't scrub vigorously. That could potentially injure the skin. Just get them in, get them out and get them as clean as they need to be and not excessively clean. As soon as they are out of the bath you want to use some sort of lotion, cream or ointment in order to restore moisture to the skin, protect it from the outside environment. Now I do have a few examples here. You can use a lotion. Lotions are relatively thin. This happens to be Eucerin which is among several products that you can use but it's not a bad first step. Something thicker like Aquaphor often works better especially for bad cases. So ideally you'd like something as thick and creamy as possible. You can even go with a Vaseline like product, a petrolatum jelly if things are really bad because that locks in the most moisture possible. Now you also want to use a gentle soap, Cetaphil is one example when you do do washing. Dove, Oil of Olay also makes some soaps that are hypoallergenic and don't strip a lot of oil off of the skin. Now if these things aren't working, the rash is getting worse and especially if you see sort of a yellow crust on the rash, this suggests that you are going to need some medical treatment and for that I would urge you to take your child to see a doctor or if it's you, hey take you to see a doctor and see what they can do because sometimes moisture alone just doesn't do the trick, but sometimes it does. So good luck.