Hi, this is Yolanda from vanveenbulbs.com, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to dig a flower bed. Now, we all have grassy areas in our yard, and we would like to have more flower beds, but we don't know how to start, and what to do. But basically to dig a flower bed is just like it sounds. It's just to dig out the grass, put some compost in its place, and then you have a new flower bed that's ready to go. I'll show ya! So when you're digging out grass you've gotta use a lot of pressure, so I just kind of work its, work its way down. And a lot of times it's just been raining for the last two weeks, so the ground's a little bit softer. In the middle of the summer, it's really hard. So, if the ground is really hard, or if you live somewhere where there's lots of clay and rocks and you just can't dig in, then I would make a raised bed and just forget it, cause you're never going to dig it out. But this ground is really soft, so, and especially since it's just rained, so I can dig out a little bit of the grass. Now these pieces of grass are still good, too, so if you have little spots that you need to fill in, you can always use that grass to fill it in or even start some more grassy areas that, where the grass isn't doing well, or you just want it to look good. And if not, I can just throw it in my compost pile, and it'll break down really nicely. So I like to throw it right into a garbage can or a wheelbarrow right away, so that I can use it. But you just kind of keep working yourself around, and sometimes just jumping a little bit on it helps a lot too. You just take a little bit at a time. So it is, it can be time consuming, but I just like my little fencepost and my designated wildlife habitat area, and I want to make a little more of a flower bed around it. So, I'm just going to dig it out a little bit at a time. A lot of times you just kind of have to work your way all the way around, too. But you'll find, in a little bit of time, that you've, you know, doubled the size of the bed that quickly. And I just keep working my way around in a circle and digging out a flower bed. And it's really simple. And once the bed's dug out, I'll just throw some compost in where the grass was, and once I have a little flower bed, I just can put some rocks around it, or some wood around it, and I'll have a nice flower bed overnight, and it's that easy. It takes a little bit of work, but digging out a flower bed is really rewarding.