Hi, my name is Windy, and this is how to play Skip-Bo. Skip-Bo is a two to six person game, that is sort of like a competitive solitaire. Everyone is dealt out thirty cards, from their deck. If you have more than four people, you only deal out twenty. After it's been dealt out, you put the remainder of the deck in between the players, and that's the draw. I've placed empty cards here, to show you where the card playing slots would be, but when you play the game, you won't be putting empty cards out. First, you draw five cards from the deck. The thirty cards that were dealt to you, are your stockpile. The goal of the game, is to get rid of your stockpile before anyone else, so when you start your turn, you turn over the first card on your stockpile. This is a six. Skip-Bo has numbered cards from one to twelve, and special Skip-Bo cards, which are wild cards. There will be four slots in between the two players, that are for stockpiling. You can only start a slot, if it's with a number one, or a Skip-Bo. When you play the Skip-Bo, you announce what number you wish it to be, and then play, as though you had played that number, so this is a six, I say. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and so forth, up until twelve. Once you've reached twelve, either from starting with a natural one, or with a Skip-Bo, then the card pile is taken away, and there's a new slot open, to start a new stockpile. If you run out of draw cards, you can just shuffle in the completed stockpile of cards, and keep drawing, so you may play, as long as you can play on one of these four piles, a sequential number. You can play either out of your hand, or off the top of your stockpile, or off your discard piles, if you have cards that you can play. If you run out of cards, and you manage to do successful stockpiles with them, and your last turn you already played one, you can draw. You can keep drawing until you can no longer place a card, then your turn is done. At the end of your turn, you must discard one card in your hand. It goes into one of four slots, on your discard table. Originally, you start with no cards, so you can have up to four open, and after the fourth one, you start placing your discards on top of other cards, but the only cards that are available for play, are the ones whose face is up, so you continue in this manner, and anyone can play onto the center stockpile cards, and you play up until twelve, and then you remove it, and you keep going, until someone has run out of their stockpile, so even though you want to use your discard piles, really, the strategy is to get rid of your stockpile card, the most. You're aiming to get the stockpiles in the middle, to a point where you could use your stockpile. card. You continue until you've run out of cards,and then you win, and that's how you play Skip-Bo.