Hi, I'm Michael Burton, with michaelburtonfilms.org, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're here talking about how to use Microsoft Windows. Now I want to talk to you about how to add a a website to your favorites on Internet Explorer. Let me start out by saying that Windows XP is a registered trademark of Microsoft, and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. Okay, let's go ahead and pull up our Internet Explorer by going down to our start menu. Go all the way up to the top left here, and click on Internet Explorer. My Internet Explorer is set to automatically bring up Yahoo.com, and I'm going to show you how to add a favorites, a favorite website to your favorites list. For example, if we want to go to expertvillage.com, and now we want to add this website expertvillage.com to our favorites list, then what we're going to want to do is on that left-hand side of our screen here; just waiting, just going to pause this video, and then go over here to our left-hand side of the screen. And there's two stars here, one with a plus sign and one star by itself. One star says add to favorites. The other star says this is our favorites center. We're going to click on, if we want to add this website expertvillage to our favorites list we're going to click on this star. This brings down a drop-down menu. It says Add to Favorites, Import or Export or Organize your Favorites. You can import and export previous favorites that you've have saved on other computers, or if you've saved your favorites files, and then of course, you can also organize your favorites by deleting certain ones or renaming them. We're going to go to Add Favorites because we want to add this one to our favorites. Right now it's called ExpertVillage.com How to videos, free video clips & more. We're going to go ahead and change it to Expert Village just dot com. Then we're going to click add. Now it adds it to our favorites list. Now, if we go up here to the left side to that other star this is our Favorites center. This'll show us that on here we have, well we already have Expert Village, and we have ExpertVillage.com saved. This will create an entire list. It's basically a drop-down list of all of your favorite websites that you visited. So if you find something that you're interested in; you want to save that website, go ahead and save it, rename it, relabel it, and it'll save it here under your favorites. So this is a good quick place to get back to your favorite web sites. There is another place where you can find your favorites on your actual computer instead of coming just to Expert Vill, or I'm sorry; just coming to Internet Explorer, so let's go ahead and close down and I'll show you where to find those. Go to your start menu, and you're going to go up to My Computer. Under My Computer you're going to open up your C drive. Once you're on C drive, there's a folder here that says Documents and Settings. You're going to go into the Documents and Settings. Then you're going to choose which folder, which user is Documents and Settings you want to view. Let's right now we're under the HP Administrator folder, and here you go; here's here's your link to your favorites. Now, if you were to double click on this Favorites link it would bring up all the the favorites that you have listed on your computer at the, at this time, and you can either go in and delete em', delete em' in here, or you can you can delete em' here, or again, you can go onto the Internet Explorer and delete em' there manually.