Hi I'm Bob Mathews with power one k body shaping program. And you want to get rid of back fat. Now back fat is not a very attractive fat. You can hide a lot of fat but you can't hide lets say for instance, bra fat and those of you have it know what I'm talking about. No matter what it just, every shirt you wear, it just shows it is not a very good look. And I don't blame you for wanting to get rid of that. Ok. How do you get rid of it, besides your diet. The good news I would say in most cases is you've accumulated so much fat, that your body is not sure where to store it so it's putting it in those places that really are a lot harder to hide. The good news is it probably came on towards the end, it's something you are noticing now, it's the first thing that will come off with the right diet plan. So what exercise can you do. All of them. You have to exercise. You can't tell your body where to burn fat. How it works is usually first on last off. You start noticing here or here first, that's the last to go. Just started to notice the back fat, first to go. Good news. What can you do, start exercising. You got to get into a program, if you can't find a gym that you want to participate in, join an online program. There are lots of them. We have one. Power1k.com. You can do that at home. So start exercising, stop ingesting so much saturated fat, read your labels and you are going to be surprised. Back fat actually goes away pretty fast. I would say you pay attention and you'll see a huge difference in three weeks, twenty one days. And probably the biggest thing is ok you find an online program and you find a diet plan that make sense for you, don't quit. See the problem is you are going to eventually have to deal with this. If you are already looking in the mirror and you are not satisfied, you are going to have to change something. But for the long term. I can not believe how many clients that I've seen be successful and why they stick around. And then so many were just right on the cusp of making that change and for whatever reason I'm not sure exactly why, they quit. And then they just get even worse, they get more and more depressed and start to actually still gain fat. It's not going to slow down, you have to change something so when you get into a program, stick it out. Stick it out, if you have to change programs, that's fine. But don't quit fitness. Ok so put it in your life and you are going to see that back fat go away. Good luck.